5 Ways to Care for Your Skin in Rainy Season

Don’t be too in a hurry to thank God for the cool weather. The rainy season also bring its own ‘evils’.

Asides from the flooded streets, increased traffic due to drainage blockage, the rainy season also poses a threat to maintaining a healthy glowing skin.

Below are 5 ways to care for your skin in rainy season:

1. Bacterial infection contacted in water puddle

I know most of us are guilty of this. Due to the heavy down pour of rain in some areas, the streets are flooded and we are forced to walk barefooted in them to cross over to ‘land’.

Please try as much as possible to avoid this as the water usually is contaminated with all types of microbial organisms which can cause infection to the toes and nails.

If you are forced to do so, please wash off with clean water to reduce the chances.

2. Stay extra hydrated

In rainy season there is a tendency for us to pass out urine often.

It’s best to always keep the skin hydrated by drinking a lot of water to replenish that which has been passed out.

It’s healthy to maintain a good balance with our bodies and the environment in the rainy season.


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3. Use a scrub

Facial scrubs can be used to unclog the pores and to exfoliate the skin by getting rid of dead cells.

This is a great habit for maintaining a healthy glowing skin even in the rainy season.


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4. With rain, comes humidity

After a down pour, the air is usually humid hereby drying your skin faster. You tend to notice a ‘fresh’ chilled look on your face.

It’s advised you use a nourishing moisturizer to keep skin moist, supple and healthy.

5. Avoid heavy foundations and makeup

In the rainy season please let your skin breathe. Don’t pack it up with heavy foundations and heavy makeup.

In rainy season it is best you go light or avoid totally because it tends to enlarge pores and block them from receiving air.

This may leads to severe acne and pimples breakout. Learn to feel confident going natural.

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