Do You Have A Square Face?

The square face is associated with strong jaw lines; the distance from the top of the face to the chin matches the width of the face.

The width of the face at the forehead, cheekbone and chin are usually the same or almost the same. The features are sharp and angular edges.

The objective is to soften the angles, creating the appearance that the forehead and jaw are narrower and lengthening the face.

Square faces need curves and vertical influences to soften the strong jawline and make the face appear more oval.

The ideal neckline includes Sabrina neckline, moderate cowl neck, scoop neckline, sweetheart neckline (please avoid empire necklines).

How A Square Face Should Wear Accessories

It is ideal to wear earrings like large hoops, long drop and narrow chandelier earrings. Bear in mind that opposites attract for this face shape and choose long narrow designs.

I’ll like to add that this kind of face shape should go for styles that create an illusion of length.

Another way to achieve this is through eye frames with curves and strong vertical element such as oval or the ‘cat eye’ shapes that are proportional to the face.

Hairstyles which put some wispy or curving elements on the forehead or a single side piece which adds embellishment at the temple is perfect for the square face.

The ideal eyebrow shape is a curved one as it helps counter the strong angular element of the square face.

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