Do You Have An Oval Face?

Many people consider the oval face shape to be an ideal shape because they have the most balanced proportion. Oval faces have a narrow forehead, high cheekbone and narrow chin; these are the main qualities of an oval face.

“An oval face is longer than its width by about half with not much definition around the cheekbones and a slightly wider forehead than the chin. This kind of face shape can wear nearly any hairstyle”

Don’t get scared if you fit here as it is a “perfect face shape” and it is the most versatile when it comes to pulling a whole host of different hair looks.

Looking for a quick way to alter your appearance?

Messy curls, pixie cuts, short wavy, long pixie, layers, peek a bow, face framing layers as well as waves are perfect for adding shape and volume to an oval face.

People with oval faces should choose frames that are slightly wider than the broadest part of their face. Glasses with detailed embellishment will also look great with the high cheek bone typically found on oval faces.

You can as well decide to choose a classic rectangular shape glass for a sophisticated look, a cat eye or a trendy square or round frame. Really anything goes!

“Females with the oval face should do more of soft angled eye brow shapes which goes straight up and gently curves round at the top.

The oval face shape should wear earrings that add more volume and fullness/roundness to their faces such as chandeliers, studs and hoves.

“Conclusively females with this face shape should wear more of horizontal necklines that would create a balance by adding volume rather than vertical lines that will elongate the face even more.”

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