Heat Wave Alert: 3 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Skin

Kilode! I’m I the only one feeling this heat?’

Yes your car AC works perfectly so you may not understand how it feels packed in a bus in this afternoon heat.

Below are 3 things you can do to protect your skin in these severe heat conditions:

1. Go Out With A Water Bottle

If you don’t have one, consider having to buy bottled water and retain the empty bottle so as to refill it as much as possible.

Studies have shown that in extreme weather conditions like this, water loss from our bodies’ triples. Stay hydrated all day to keep your skin healthy.

2. Ensure You Have A Bath At Night

I know many of us are guilty of this especially the guys.

Due to the high temperatures and high humidity, heavy sweating occurs during the day but at night, the sweat glands get blocked and this may lead to other skin irritation.

Ensure you hit the showers no matter how tired you are.

3. Rethink Your Bathing Soap

In extreme weathers like this, it is advised to stay away from toilet soaps that dry the skin.

Due to the extreme heat, rapid cooling of sweat also occurs hereby drying the skin quicker.

Use organic soaps to maintain a supple skin regardless of the heat.

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